Food Ingredients That Havoc Your Health – #3 Is Awkward

Food Ingredients That Havoc Your Health – #3 Is Awkward

Food Ingredients That Havoc Your Health – #3 Is Awkward

You can be better food consumer and here is how:

The so called health foods you consume every day, such as 100% natural fruit juices, cereals, breads, fruit cups, and yogurt contain sugars and other additives, and more often than not, believe it or not, they are contributing to your decline in health!

You probably thought it was just the junk food – Ice cream, potato chips, pastries and pizzas but it’s not the case.

Like most people you probably thought:

I only eat this stuff every once in a while. It’s not gonna kill me.

Well … unfortunately, that every once in a while is more often than you think.

Even if you treat yourself once or twice a week, the health foods which are touted to be nutrient-dense, contain many of the same ingredients as junk food.

And if you aren’t feeling the negative effects now, they will catch up with you later.

But, even knowing that desperate times call for desperate measures, you can still adjust few things and still suit your delicious needs.

Simply done, you can change your diet without sacrificing flavorful meals and treats altogether.

There are more than you know, genius internet bloggers, who have uncovered healthy ways to make our favorite treats and comfort foods without ruining the taste.

Believe it or not, there are nutritious substitutes for every unhealthy food you can think of, so get ready to Google some recipes, because what you should indeed and seriously do is stop eating:

#1 to start with and make sure you avoid is …

      • Processed and Artificial Sweeteners

Simple said, the refined sugar consumption in america is astonishingly high!

Familiar or not, it’s true, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners contain a harmful ingredients which are literally destroying your body and blood vessels.

This is nothing like the fructose found in whole fruit. The sugar found naturally in whole fruits is accompanied by nutrientsantioxidants and bioflavonoids. The sweet stuff used by the food industry lacks the health benefits, and is married to glucose to speed up fructose absorption.

Refined sugar is made of empty calories, and is devoid of nutrients, protein, enzymes, and healthy fats.

Food Ingredients That Havoc Your Health – #3 Is Awkward

From that description alone, you’d think sugar is a filler food. Unfortunately, it’s a drug. It’s so damn hard to stop eating chocolates, pastries, cereals, ice cream, and other processed foods because sugar is addictive.

It’s not the strawberry or chocolatey flavors you’re in love with, it’s the sugar in the food you’re addicted to.

How so?

Fructose tricks your metabolism, disabling your body’s appetite control. Fructose fails to stimulate the release of insulin. Insulin is responsible for suppressing ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and stimulating leptin, the satiety hormone.

Since fructose circumvents this chemical process, you end up eating bowl after bowl of cereal, an entire container of ice cream, or an entire pizza in one sitting.

Then you want more food. So you end up eating more and more food.

Meanwhile, fructose sends your blood sugar through the roof, turns into fat, increases LDL, and raises your blood pressure. Then you end up with a racing heart like you just ran a marathon.

Yeah, sugar does that.

In addition, fructose causes inflammation throughout your entire body, contributing to cancer and other inflammatory conditions, such as allergies. Sugar also depletes the body of minerals during digestion, wrecking your immune system, eats collagen, the protein that makes your skin smooth and firm, and dehydrates your cells, causing dryness and puffy skin.

Almost every processed food contains refined sugars, including breads, desserts, breakfast bars, cereals, yogurt, fruit juices, and other sweetened drinks and goodies.

Simple said, everything that is factory made.


… despite all the information above, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth by deploying more whole foods into your daily diet, delicious whole and rest assure healthy foods like oats, fruits and veggies, and using honey and stevia to sweeten homemade drinks and baked goods.

2nd thingy of a food you should stop consuming is …

  • Refined Grains

White rice, breads, pastas and cereals are also thought to be nutritious and filling additions to any meal.


If the grain was unrefined, that might be true. But the stuff used in processed foods and with most meals goes through high heat, bleaching, deodorizing, coloring and fragmenting, diminishing the nutrient value and creating a toxic filler food.

Refined grains contain harmful additives, very little fiber, and are high in gluten.

Gluten is a glue-like substance that is difficult to digest, and prevents nutrient absorption.

It accumulates in the gut lining, inflaming the GI tract and creating small holes in the intestines, known as “leaky gut” syndrome.

Certain food particles, such as sugar and food additives, exit the intestines through these holes, circulating in the bloodstream and causing systemic inflammation. Your white blood cells attack these foreign bodies.

… And because the particles are circulating through your body, your immune system assaults your body, creating an autoimmune condition!

Next you might consider avoiding is …

  • Vegetable oils

Also called and know how omega-9 oils. These are detrimental to our health due to over-processing.

Oils from rapeseed (canola oil) soybean, corn, and other seed and vegetable oils can only be removed using chemical solvents, deodorizers, and intense heat, making them harmful to ingest.

These oils come from genetically modified crops which contain high amounts of pesticides. They are extracted using solvents such as Petroleum and lye, processed with heat and acid to remove solids, and treated with chemicals to improve color, smell and taste.

These oils are high in omega-6 and polyunsaturated fats. This is a problem, considering that 97 percent of the human body fat content is saturated and monounsaturated fats.

Only 3 percent is polyunsaturated fats, and half of that 3 percent is omega-3 fatty acids.

Since many of us have replaced saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats, our body has no choice but to use polyunsaturated fats for cell production and repair.

these fats oxidize quickly, and cause cell mutation. These mutated cells cause inflammation within the arteries, cancer, and reproductive disorders

Most vegetable oils contain preservatives which produce carcinogens in the body, and are linked to liver/kidney damage, immune problems, infertility or sterility, high cholesterol, and behavioral problems in children.

Vegetable oils are extremely damaging to the reproductive system and the developing bodies of unborn babies and children.

This is because cells are reproducing and dividing at high rates in the reproductive system and the growing bodies of developing babies and children, increasing risk of mutation and further complications when these cells are made of the wrong fats

4th type of foods and probably most discussed about are …

  • Processed foods

Packaged foods are high in dyes, deodorizers, addictive flavorings and fortified nutrients.

Toxic additives such as artificial flavorings and sweeteners, MSG, trans fat, food dyes, Nitrate and Nitrite, and potassium bromate are notorious carcinogens, neurotoxins, allergens, and contribute to heartbrain, and blood sugar problems.

Also, fortified nutrients are a gimmick. Fortified nutrients, or synthetic nutrients, are only necessary if a food has been heated and treated to the point that naturally-occurring nutrients are destroyed.

Synthetic nutrients are derived from harmful substances such as coal tar, ammonia, formaldehyde, petroleum, refined oils and sugars.

These “nutrients” are treated as foreign substances by the body, and are eliminated. They are also toxic and inhibit nutrient absorption.
If it’s in bags, boxes or cans, nine times out of ten, you shouldn’t eat it.

The foolproof way to figure out if it’s healthy is to read the ingredient list. If you see words you don’t recognize or ingredients that you can’t find outside in nature, put it back.

Simple said,..

Do Not Eat Foods With Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce!

5th as last for today’s reading is …

  • Soy

Sorry vegans, vegetarians and Chinese food lovers but this isn’t the nutrient powerhouse you thought it was.

High in lectins, soy has the same effect as sugar on the appetite, suppressing the release of the hunger hormone.

It also is high in phytates, which prevent nutrient absorption, goitrogens, which inhibits thyroid function, and protace inhibitors, preventing protein digestion.

Known for its high levels of plant estrogens, soy also causes hormonal imbalance, leading to lower sex drive, developmental and emotional problems, and a decline in skin, muscle, and bone health.

Fermented soy products, such as nato, miso and tempeh are healthy, since fermentation drastically reduces lectin and phytate content.


The doors are wide open and food corporations seem to not miss the opportunity making us most wanted customers.

You see, the choice is yours. Educate and live healthier life or suffer the consequences later.

Food addiction hot and most discussed topic of what to eat and what avoid eating.

Now it’s your time to get involved …

Tell us, what you eat, what you avoid eating and what’s the difference doing so.

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